Warwickshire Golf

County Championship Trophy Winners

The County Championship was inaugurated in 1901

The Runner-up Trophy was donated in 1936

The Vera Clayton Trophy was inaugurated in 1967 and is awarded to the leading qualifier

The Silver Division Medal competition is run in conjunction with the first qualifying round of the championship

The Senior Championship was inaugurated in 2016 and is run in conjunction with the first qualifying round of the County Championship

The Bronze Division Championship was inaugurated in 2011 and discontinued in 2016

* In 2018, due to adverse weather conditions, the qualifying rounds were cancelled.  The entrants with the lowest handicaps competed in the Match Play.  The Senior Championship and Silver Division Medal were played later in the year.  The Vera Clayton Trophy was awarded to the player returning the lowest gross score in the Silver Division Medal.

** In 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the event was played as a 36 hole stroke play championship. 

*** In 2021, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the 16 players with the lowest Handicap Indexes competed in the match play knockout.   The players who were unsuccessful in the first round of the championship knockout played in Flight 2.  The Senior Championship and the Silver Division Medal were not played.

County Championship Trophy Winners

Year Champion Runner-up Leading
Silver Division
2023 K Drew E Haycock H Coles H Coles



2022 Z Houghton H Coles H Coles C Howells




***2021 E Haycock Z Houghton Not Played Not Played Not Played

Flight 2


** 2020 L Barton Z Houghton
M Halstead


Not Played


2019 L Barton C Priddle C Priddle R Lindsay




2018 A Mortimer-Lane C Priddle *E Haycock M Swinburne Cancelled



2017 E Haycock G Bradbury L Barton B Woolley




2016 L Barton Y Pham L Barton R Gordon




2015 V Mallett G Bradbury L Barton P Dawson




2014 C Howells L Barton C Dalton T Atkin




2013 M Nicol R Rusted M Nicol P Hale




2012 K Gani M Nicol L Barton &
C Howells
K Gani




2011 L Barton R Rusted M Nicol M Upson

2010 E Haycock R Rusted L Barton H Crump

2009 A Gittings E Galland A Gittings C Howells

2008 A Gittings
A Gittings A Tubey

2007 A Gittings
A Gittings H Crump

2006 F Johnson
F Johnson K Evans

2005 T Atkin
C Dowling H Coles

2004 C Dowling
F Johnson C Jensen

2003 H Coles
F Johnson F Johnson

2002 F Johnson
T Atkin F Johnson

2001 C Dowling
C Dowling C Waters

2000 T Atkin
M Button B Waugh

1999 C Dowling S Westall P Hale &
T Atkin

1998 C Dowling M Button C Dowling

1997 C Dowling P Hale C Dowling

1996 C Dowling A Parry C Dowling

1995 S Westall S Morgan S Morgan

1994 S Westall S Morgan S Morgan

1993 S Westall M Button S Morgan

1992 N Moult S Morgan S Morgan

1991 S Morgan N Moult S Westall

1990 S Morgan S Westall S Morgan

1989 S Morgan A Parry S Morgan

1988 S Morgan M Button S Seville

1987 M Button A Dawson M Button

1986 T Hammond K Tebbet M Button

1985 S Seville J Roles S Westall

1984 M Stevens J Roles M Stevens

1983 T Hammond S Westall T Hammond

1982 T Hammond A Sheldon G Herbert

1981 J Evans S Nicholson J Evans

1980 T Hammond J Roles S Westall &
P Large

1979 S Nicholson S Westall S Westall

1978 S Westall M Stevens J Roles

1977 A Middleton S Westall S Westall, 
J Roles &
U Holt

1976 J Roles K Bullock K Bullock

1975 V Beharrell J Roles J Roles

1974 S Westall S Nicholson S Westall

1973 S Westall V Beharrell U Holt

1972 V Beharrell S Armstrong S Nicholson

1971 V Beharrell G Herbert S Armtrong
V Brammer

1970 J Roles S Nicholson S Nicholson

1969 J Roberts S Nicholson J Roles

1968 J Tomlinson S Nicholson J Tomlinson

1967 J Tomlinson S Nicholson S Nicholson

1966 J Roles P Large

1965 J Roberts L Guermont

1964 J Roberts J Lightouler

1963 J Roberts G Carvill

1962 J Roberts J Roles

1961 J Roles J Roberts

1960 V Anstey J Roles

1959 S Armstrong J Roles

1958 V Anstey E Sheppard

1957 V Anstey J Roles

1956 V Anstey E Sheppard

1955 V Anstey A Clayton

1954 E Sheppard V Anstey

1953 M Peppercorn J Roles

1952 P Davies E Sheppard

1951 E Sheppard V Machin

1950 E Sheppard P Davies

1949 E Sheppard J Lightouler

1948 E Sheppard J Lightouler

1947 E Sheppard E M Larkins

1946-1940 World War II

1939 M Fyshe E Pears

1938 M Peppercorn D Greey

1937 E Pears K M Bentley

1936 E Pears E M Larkins

1935 E Pears M Peppercorn

1934 E Pears R Hughes

1933 M Peppercorn E Pears

1932 M Fyshe M Peppercorn

1931 M Peppercorn Mrs Line

1930 M Peppercorn M Fyshe

1929 D Hartill M Peppercorn

1928 M Peppercorn D Hartill

1927 D Hartill M Peppercorn

1926 D Hartill Mrs Macaulay

1925 D Hartill Mrs Macaulay

1924 D Hartill Mrs Bell-Scott

1923 D Hartill Mrs Bell-Scott

1922 D Hartill R Lunt

1921 E Haddesley D Hartill

1914-1918 World War I

1913 A Swanston

1908 A Wilks Mrs Sawer

1903 A Wilks Mrs Pridmore

1902 F Smith Mrs Fisher

1901 A Steedman Miss Verrall

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