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Day 1 of the County Championship Knockout stages saw some very new names on the list of players especially with three County Juniors in the field. Round 1 had 8 games, commencing at 9.00 a.m. again at Moor Hall Golf Club.  These new finalists playing with the experienced players should prove to be an interesting morning's golf.  Weather was good again but slightly cooler than previous days.  All rounds in the knockout stages are played off scratch.

Not each otherGame 1    

  v    Charlotte PRIDDLE (Moor Hall) against Mary FRAISE (Harborne)

Game 1 had the experienced Charlotte, a home player pitched against a completely new player to the County Championship, Mary FRAISE. In fact Mary stated after the match that this was the very first match that she had played off scratch but my how she enjoyed it!  Mary birdied holes 10 and 11 but that joy was shortlived as Charlotte was just too steady, ultimately winning 6 and 4.

Game 2

  v     Roxanne LINDSAY (Coventry) against Annabel EDMOND (Coventry)

Roxanne was the first of our Juniors in the last 16 and was playing against the County 2nd Team Captain Annabel.  After a fabulous morning round of 67 on Monday morning, Annabel proved just a little too experienced for her today.  However Roxanne took her to the 15th hole before losing  4 and 3,  but realised that this was a great experience to play at this level.

Game 3

  v       Emma MORTON (Stratford) against Holly ELLIOTT (Oakridge)

Emma took on another of our Juniors, this time Holly.  Emma was on fire this morning and had quite a long wait for her afternoon match as she won this match 9 and 8.  Par golf was the order of the day for Emma and with very few mistakes she was level par gross after 10 holes.  Holly also played steadily with her score not really reflecting her play.

Game 4

  v        Katie DREW (Copt Heath) against Julia BURTON (Moor Hall)

Katie provided the surprise of the morning matches after being drawn against County Captain and home player, Julia.  First time playing in the County Championship Katie, the third of our Junior players, won her match on the 17th, by 3 and 1 and thus moved forward into the afternoon matches.  The match was over on the 17th when Katie struck a superb 7 iron  off the tee on this par 3, which landed just 10 ft from the hole.  What a scalp!

Game 5

  v        Lisa BARTON (Coventry) against Jenny ARNOLD (Coventry)

Two Coventry members were drawn together for Match 5 with the very experienced Lisa taking the game 6 and 5.  Jenny was delighted with a birdie on the 8th but with Lisa playing very steadily, she proved to be no match for her.

Game 6

  v        Sharon BUTLER (Edgbaston) against Hilary DIXON (Olton)

Hilary was given a walkover in this match as Sharon conceded the match on Wednesday evening as she had injured herself and was unable to play.

Game 7

  v        Yen PHAM (Shirley) against Charlotte ATKINSON (Stratford on Avon)

This match again was won pretty conclusively by Yen 7 and 6, who played some very steady golf with some very reliable chipping and putting.

Game 8

  v        Rachel RUSTED (Nuneaton) against Rahela GORDON (Harborne)

Final match out in the morning saw experienced Rachel playing against Rahela.  Rahela started well with a Birdie on the 2nd and was 1 up after 9 holes.  Not to be outdone, Rachel had pulled back to All Square after the 11th, winning the match 4 and 2.

Thus after the morning matches the quarter final line up was as listed below with the matches commencing at 1.00 p.m.:

Charlotte PRIDDLE v Annabel EDMOND

Emma MORTON v Katie DREW

Lisas BARTON v Hilary DIXON



The sun continued to shine and the line-ups for this afternoon looked to produce some exciting matches.

1      Charlotte PRIDDLE (Moor Hall) was matched against Annabel EDMOND (Stratford).  Charlotte started well and quickly got into her stride making Par after Par which was too much for Annabel to handle.  The match was won by Charlotte 7 and 6.

2      A rested Emma MORTON (Stratford) was drawn against newcomer to this level of golf, Katie DREW (Copt Heath).  After the morning's impressive win, Emma just steamed ahead and was never down in the match, winning 6 and 5 on the 13th a Hole that she Birdied.

3      Hilary DIXON, who had managed a morning free came up against Lisa BARTON who followed her impressive morning win with another in the afternoon.  Excellent play from Lisa who, when the match concluded on the 12th was level Par gross.  Hilary, although managing a Birdie on the 7th, was just no match for Lisa on the greens.

4      Yen PHAM (Shirley) played against Rachel RUSTED (Nuneaton), both experienced 1st Team players who had played in many Championships.  This match was hard faught all way through but came to an end on the 17th, when Rachel was unfortunmate to catch the front bunker.  Yen on the other hand, who had landed just off the green, chipped to within a foot of the hole winning the match 2 and So Friday morning we will have the two Semi Final matches - Charlotte PRIDDLE against Emma MORTON and then Lisa BARTON against Yen PHAM.  My if they play as they did in the earlier rounds, this should be some day's golf!


Friday morning was cold, cloudy and even gave us some rain - not the most pleasant golfing weather.  Mind you, it had improved by the afternoon final and although the very dark skies were all around the course, there was no rain.

The first match out was between Charlotte PRIDDLE and Emma MORTON quickly followed by Lisa BARTON against Yen PHAM.  Both matches went to the 17th green and my was the golf good this morning with any of the players possible winners.  In  match 1, Charlotte managed to creep ahead and after 4 holes was 2 up, which was soon pulled back to just 1. quickly followed by Charlotte being 3 up after 11, having achieved some excellent Pars.  On 12th, Emma won with a Birdie, then lost 13th but not to be outdone Emma won holes 14 and 15 to be just 1down.  Charlotte won 16th when she holed an excellent putt to go 2up and 2 to play.  With halves on the short 17th, Charlotte won this match 2 and 1.  Such a high standard of golf, but in the end it was just down to the putting and Charlotte just came out ahead in that skill.

Match 2 was just as exciting where on the front 9 there was little in it - Lisa won a hole then Yen won one back and though on 11th Tee Lisa was one ahead, that was the most all morning.  She did, however win the 11th with a Birdie 2 to Yen's 4 to go 2 up and then 3 up after 12.  Lisa was in the bunker on Par 3, 13th whilst Yen made the green and rolling an excellent putt which was conceded, the defecit was reduced.  Yen had pulled back to being only 1 down after 15 holes, but after Lisa sank a very long putt on 16th she was again 2 up.  Hole 17 was not a lucky one for Yen as she had to play her 2nd shot left handed as the ball had rolled by a bridge, whilst Lisa's ball was on the green.  Thus Lisa was in the final, winning 3 and 1.  Great match enjoyed by both players and those watching.


Charlotte PRIDDLE, the home player and one of the 2018 finalists was pitched against Lisa BARTON (Coventry) who had won this title twice before, indeed she won at Moor Hall in 2011 at her first attempt!

Mr Captain was the starter for the Final which he started at 1.30 p.m.  Again we were expecting an excellent Final as these players had played such excellent matched yesterday and today.  Lisa was 1 up after 3 holes, having Birdied the 2nd hole but then Charlotte won the 4th but lost the 5th and 6th to Pars to be 2 down.  On the 9th Lisa then went to 4 up after lagging a very long putt which was conceded.  Charlotte won the 10th and 11th with Pars - back to 2 down and then sparks flew on the 13th, the 113 yard Par 3.  First off was Charlotte whose ball landed some 4 ft from the pin, only to be outdone by Lisa who missed a hole in one by some 6 inches!!  Charlotte missed the putt to Lisa's Birdie, who was now 3 up.  Lisa's swing then went slightly off and she lost the next hole to Par, only for Charlotte to also suffer with her swing - I fear that exhaustion was setting in for both.    On the Par 5, 16th Lisa managed a Par 5 to Charlotte's 6 and thus won the Title.

A very exciting game, not always the best golf played, but I guess that after playing 36 holes for three days, they are entitled to make the odd error.  The spectators really enjoyed watching this spectacle and now Lisa BARTON holds the title County Champion for the third time.  Well done to her and indeed to Charlotte and the other two Semi finalists as there was some stunning golf played today.

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