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Mens & Boys Player Development

Player development and providing a good player pathway is a key part of the Counties role. Please select the area of interest using the links below to learn more about player development in Warwickshire;

An Introduction to County Coaching

A player pathway provides a stepping stone giving promising young junior golfers through to young adults the opportunity to devleop and improve their skills. The high level of coaching and support that the Warwickshire Union and Association provide for their players helps them to compete in County and National tournaments and matches at every age level in the pathway.

Development is provided to support the following County Squads as follows... 

Warwickshire Union Warwickshire Association
Boys Futures Squad - Under 14 Development Squads
Boys A - Performance and Development Squads
Boys - Development Squads
Mens - 1st and 2nd Team Squads

Due to the quantity of players and how ability and age naturally differ between squads, specific coaching sessions are arranged to benefit each squad. Some squads receive a "bespoke" program tailored to each players needs.

"County Coaching" has evolved considerably over the years and the responsibilities of the Counties has also changed slightly within the National coaching structure. We as a County Union are encouraged by England Golf to develop our players using key areas of focus as detailed in the Mens programme below.

The majority of the County devleopment programme does not centre around the long game. It is there to complement any work being done by a players "Home Coach". We feel it is extremley important for a players development that they work with a "Home Coach" meaning good communication between County / National organisations, Coaches, Players and Parents also becomes crucial in the development of players.

It is also important that it is made clear to the player that to improve it doesn't necessarily mean they have to stand on a range for hours on end. It sounds obvious but a player does need to learn to play the game on the golf course, but maybe not so obvious is the importance of playing other sports to develop hand eye cordination and range of movement.

Boys Development Programme

The Boys coaching programme is extensive and split into numerous squads and devleopment groups which are largely based on ability. A selection and invitation process is administered annually to Boys in the County. Contact for this is normally made through the Junior Organiser at each Club or directly where Boys are already known to the County organisers.

A guideline for selection into the Boys County Teams can be found by clicking here;

The coaching team for delivering the current Coaching Programme are:

Name and Professional Status Group Coach Home Club Attachment
Tom Whitehouse - Ex European Tour Player & PGA (Lead Coach) Men / Boys Stratford Oaks Golf Club
Andy Dunbar - Advanced PGA Professional Men / Boys Stratford Oaks Golf Club
Richard Glenn - PGA Coaching Professional Men / Boys Kenilworth Golf Club
Phil Akers - PGA Professional Under 14's Bromsgrove Golf Academy
Aaron Lansberry - PGA Professional Under 14's Stonebridge Golf Centre

Any queries you may have regarding the coaching or how to get your Child involved please contact our Head of Boys Golf by email on

For information about our Child Protection Policies please click HERE

Mens Development Programme

Our development programme is designed to enhance players development in the 5 key areas of the game, but not limited too. The programme is structured and delivered throughout the calendar year.

Five Key Areas:

  • World-class holing out
  • Outstanding short game
  • Precise wedge play
  • Ball flight control
  • Strategy and tactical awareness

Our programme is offered annually to 1st and 2nd team squad players. We have recently merged Men's group coaching with advanced boys to help Boys transition into Men's golf, whilst enhancing their development.

If you want to get involved in Men’s County golf then please contact either the Chairman of the Development Committee, Nev Gardner or our County  Captain .

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