Warwickshire Golf

Using the igCounty App

Open the App after downloading it on your device
From the list of Counties, select Warwickshire Golf as your Home County. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click 'Save'.

Home Screen

You will then be taken to the Warwickshire Golf Home Screen.

From this screen you will be able to get the following information;

  • Next Competition

Shows upcoming County competitions which can be entered by clicking on that icon.

  • Results

View recent County Competition results and statisics

  • County News

See the latest news and updates from Kent Golf

  • Course Handicap Calculator

Enter your Handicap Index and a course's Slope Rating to see your Course Handicap

Register your County Card

You can then register for your  free County Card.

  • Click the County Card icon in the bottom right of the screen and then click 'Continue'.
  • Enter your CDH number, Surname and Email address where indicated.
  • Enable notifications to receive email notifications about County events and news from Warwickshire Golf.
  • Click 'Activate County Card'.

Note: If you do not know your CDH number please check with your Club Secretary / Manager.

Your County Card will now be installed in your App and you should see a screen that includes a bar code.

If the Card shows as expired then refresh the app to upload a new card. To learn how to refresh the app by clicking HERE


When you tap the 'Clubs' icon at the bottom of the screen, you will find a list of all affiliated Clubs in Warwickshire. If you have allowed the App to use your location you will also see their distance from you.

You can tap on any Club and you will be given all the relevant contact details you might need to reserve a tee time or a website address to find out more information about the Club.

Contact Us

Tap the 'Contact Us' icon at the bottom of the screen to see contact details for Warwickshire Golf.

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