Warwickshire Golf

Mens & Boys Order of Merit

The W.A.C. (Bill) Nicolson Cup - Mens Order Of Merit

This trophy is awarded annually to the player who has won the most amount of points from Midland League Matches in that year..

Points are given as follows; Appearance =1,  Foursomes=Win 1, Half 0.5,  Singles=Win 2, Half 1 point.

From 2015 onwards if there is a tie for first place the Winner shall be found intially by most matches won outright, then most singles matches won outright, then most singles points and finally total hole difference in all matches.

Y ear 1st 2nd 3rd
2019 R Wallace - Handsworth S Bloxham - Hearsall B Goodison - Coventry
2018 J Macilwraith - Olton R Copperthwaite - Stratford on Avon T Ibbertson - Hearsall
2017 D Atkins - Forest of Arden R Copperthwaite - Stratford on Avon B Goodison - Coventry
2016 M Cryer - Coventry P Walker - Maxstoke Park P Ruff - Sutton Coldfield
2015 L Pett - The Warwickshire A Gascoigne - Maxstoke Park D Launchbury - Coventry
2014 C Laird - The Warwickshire P Ruff - Sutton Coldfield S Bloxham - Coventry Hearsall
2013 S Bloxham - Coventry Hearsall Tied 2nd: S Dodds - Coventry Tied 2nd: N Jenkins - Coventry
2012 G Greenway - Atherstone T2nd: C Dougill - Coventry T2nd: R Browning - Coventry
2011 T Ibbertson - Coventry Hearsall P Walker - Atherstone K Smith - Handsworth
2010 A Gascoigne - Maxstoke Park E Forbes - Kenilworth G Greenway - Atherstone

The Warwickshire Team Boys Order of Merit

Boys representing Warwickshire's Under-18's team have the added incentive to play well as they look to earn points for the 2020 Boys Team Order of Merit title. The leading three players in last year's standings were;

1st Rocco Luca (Coventry)
2nd Ethan  Trouth (Moor Hall)
3rd Jacob Parsons (The Warwickshire)

All Boys in the County will also have the opportunity to compete in the  NEW Junior Order of Merit in 2020 as they play in specific Club Opens as well as County events to build points towards the final event 'The Hall of Fame' being held at Moor Hall towards the end of the Summer.

Past Gross Champions of the previous Order of Merit, the Coventry Evening Telegraph Salver are as follows:

Year Rankings Champion Champions Club
2017 GROSS :: NETT Jacob Parsons The Warwickshire
2016   GROSS :: NETT Joe Mellor Nuneaton
Joe Macilwraith Olton
Sam Broadhurst Atherstone
Sam Broadhurst Atherstone
Ben Charley The Warwickshire
Rob Tovey Olton
Luke Allen Shirley
Michael Pell Olton
Tom Ibbertson Coventry Hearsall
Tom Ibbertson Coventry Hearsall
Harry Ibbertson Coventry Hearsall


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