Warwickshire Golf

Girls Championship Trophy Winners

From 2015, the results of the Girls Championship show the Qualifiers for the Midland Champion of Champions in the age groups as at 1st January of Under 14, Aged 14 and 15 and Aged 16 and 17.

Starting in 2015 the Warwickshire Age Group Championships are played in conjunction with the first round of the Girls Championship.   Click here to view the Age Group Championships results

Edgbaston Scratch Cup
Inaugurated 1962
Stratford Cup
Runner-up - Best Gross
Inaugurated 1987
Estelle Goodman Trophy
Best Nett


2022 Maisie Halstead Arianna Virik Maisie Halstead


2021 Katie Drew Arianna Virik Arianna Virik


2020 Not Played

2019 Zara Houghton Katie Drew Maisie Halstead


2018 Sonia Sekhon Jessica McGhee Sonia Sekhon


2017 Maria Toledo Bailey Lauren Beaman Zara Houghton


2016 Maria Toledo Bailey Lauren Beaman Lauren Beaman


2015 Victoria Mallett Danielle Heath Danielle Heath


2014 Abigail Mortimer-Lane Maria Toledo Bailey Ellie Leech


2013 Katrina Gani Charlotte Hartshorn Katrina Gani


2012 Elizabeth Mallett Katrina Gani & Melissa Nichol Elizabeth Mallett


2011 Melissa Nicol Charlotte Hartshorn Charlotte Hartshorn
2010 Charlotte Taylor Melissa Nicol Ellie Berwick
2009 Hannah McLoughlin Charlotte Taylor Katrina Gani
2008 Abbey Gittings

2007 Abbey Gittings

2006 Hannah Coles

2005 Felicity Johnson

2004 Hannah Coles

2003 Felicity Johnson

2002 Felicity Johnson

2001 Felicity Johnson

2000 Hannah Coles

1999 A Cook E Pollard

1998 K Harrison A Cook

1997 Elizabeth Galland L Houston

1996 O Briggs Elizabeth Galland

1995 Elizabeth Galland J Taylor

1994 Sarah White Elizabeth Galland

1993 N Colton Sarah White

1992 C Swaithes Sarah White

1991 Rachael Copper C Price

1990 Nicola Moult C Swaithes

1989 Nicola Moult Rachael Copper

1988 Simone Morgan Nicola Moult

1987 Simone Morgan S Oxley

1986 Katie Tebbet

1985 E Lee

1984 Katie Tebbet

1983 Debbie Cox

1982 Debbie Cox

1981 Sarah Large

1980 Alex Price

1979 Tracy Hammond

1978 Alex Price

1977 Susan Bates

1976 Amanda Middleton

1975 Amanda Middleton

1974 Ursula Holt

1973 Ursula Holt

1972 Ursula Holt

1971 Anne Monkman

1970 Ursula Holt

1969 Ursula Holt

1968 V Brammer

1967 Lewine Mair

1966 V Brammer

1965 Lewine Guermont

1964 Lewine Guermont

1963 S Nicholson

1962 P Holmes

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