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Conditions of Competition - The Warwickshire Cup


The Conditions of Competition for the Warwickshire Cup Knockout Competition are listed below.

Specific Closing dates and/or further qualifing dates connected with this tournament can be found on the entry form.


Entry Qualifications: 

Each Club may only enter 1 Team.
Each Team to comprise 3 pairs of players.
Nominated players must have a WHS Handciap Index not exceeding 9.4 .

Conditions of Play: 

  1. The Competition is a Scratch Club Foursomes Knock Out, each round to be played over 18 holes.
  2. Teams and pairings to be declared 15 minutes before the tee-off time, and all team members must be present.
  3. In the event of an incomplete pairing, that individual match is forfeited and the other team allowed to change their playing order.
  4. The names and pairings selected for each match may be changed for any subsequent matches.  However, no one player can have represented any other club in this competition during the same winter period.
  5. The ‘home’ team in each match will be decided by ballot, and indicated by the letter ‘H’ in the draw sheet.
  6. Whilst it is the responsibility of the ‘home’ team to offer 3 reasonable dates and to arrange the match in a timely manner and at a mutually convenient time, both teams are equally responsible for ensuring the match is played by the specified date. Unless a formal extension has been requested and granted by the County Secretary, failure to achieve this will result in both teams being eliminated.
  7. Extensions of time may be granted provided that either club have requested such extension from the County Secretary 7 clear days prior to the specified completion date. Other requests will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.
  8. The home club should reserve the tee times.
  9. No meals will normally be provided.
  10. The home club may provide the course as they see fit, i.e. front or back tees and normal or temporary greens.
  11. It is the responsibility of both captains to liaise a reasonable time prior to each match to assess the state of the home course and the possibility of play. If it is known in advance that the home course is unplayable then the venue must be switched to the away club.
  12. If an individual match is halved, then this will only go down the 19th if the overall result of the match is inconclusive.
  13. If all individual matches are halved, then only the 1st match on the team sheet will resume play, on a sudden death basis, playing holes in sequence, until one team wins a hole and the Match.
  14. The use of ride-on buggies is generally prohibited in Warwickshire Union of Golf Club events. Players should walk at all times unless permission to ride has been given by the Championship Committee. Permission will only be given in exceptional circumstances.
  15. The use of Distance Measuring Devices which conform with the current Rules of Golf is allowed.
  16. Mobile telephones are not permitted to be used on the course, except in case of emergencies.
  17. Results of Matches should be communicated to the WUGC County Secretary in a timely manner upon completion of play, and in any case within 24 hours – preferably by email to
  18. The final (18 holes) shall be played at The Warwickshire by the end of March, the date will be specified on Draw Sheet.


The Winning Team will hold The Warwickshire Cup for one year, and will receive a Voucher.
The Runners-up Team will receive a Voucher.
Prizes will be presented directly after the completion of play in the Final.

Entry Applications:

Applications must be made by Post and only on the official Entry Form.
All cheques should be made payable to The Warwickshire Union of Golf Clubs Limited (or WUGC Ltd) and must be sent with your completed Entry Application Form to the WUGC County Secretary to arrive NOT LATER THAN the specified closing date.
No Entry Fees will be refunded unless intimation of withdrawal of entry is received before the closing date for entries.

Rules of Golf Applicable:

    The Competition will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient
      Golf Club, and as supplemented by Local Rules.

Resolution of Issues:

        Any questions arising as to Entry Qualifications, Rules of Golf, Resolution of Exceptional Ties or any other points
        will be considered by  the Championship Committee whose decision will be final.  The Committee reserve the
        right to limit the number of entries.

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